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I love old Lionel trains to both display and run them. Most of my Collection consists of  Boxed Sets of Lionel Trains, American Flyer Trains, and Old Marx Trains. I am an avid collector of Lionel trains and other toy trains and I have been buying trains for many years to build my collection. If you are interested in selling your Postwar Lionel trains or Old Prewar Lionel Trains I may be interested in buying them. Use the contact form to tell me what you have and I will get back to you.

 This is a Vintage Lionel Girls Pastel Set No 1587s or X736 in terrific Original Condition
This is a Vintage Lionel Girls Pastel Set No 1587s or X736 in terrific Original Condition
  • American Flyer Trains - Wide Gauge, O Scale, S Scale, and HO Scale. My collection consists of many American Flyer sets.

  • Lionel Trains - Certainly the most popular trains Made! The Post-War Lionel Toy Trains were considered simply spectacular to the post-war public. Among their startling innovations, Lionel released the first realistic knuckle-coupler trucks. This left the competing American Flyer company out in the cold - no one had thought of this before! Lionel also developed products featuring long-awaited locomotive smoke, my Lionel train collection which added a true element of delight to toy trains of the period. The pleasing pre-war whistle system was still being used, adding to the realistic enjoyment that the Old Post-War model lines were increasingly developing. Finally, the first entirely remote-controlled toy train sets were offered my Lionel at this time, as well as a few train tenders releasing actual water spurting from a fire pump. Diesel-styled loco lines began to replace Lionel's beloved steam engines, but added an artistic streamlined appearance that echoed real diesel trains taking over the post-war rail systems.

    Realism and innovation were keynotes to train sets of the Post war period. Their departures from realism were often met with failure: a line of old Lionel pink and pastel trains was showcased for girls in 1957 even girls were seen as valid market segment - EVERYONE was getting into the toy train act! The Post-War Lionel Train period was definitely the Golden Age of toy trains! Collecting is Normally divided into several categories. Lionel Prewar, Lionel Post war and Modern. Scales include Prewar Lionel Standard Gauge, O-Scale, OO Scale, HO Scale.

  • Marx - O Scale and HO Scale - While Marx toys were made to be more affordable, they were well made and even some of the oldest Trains I have found still work great!

  • Ives Trains - O scale - Early competitor to the Lionel Train Company, at one time, Lionel tried to sell their business to Ives.

  • Marklin Trains - O Scale, HO Scale. - Fantastic German made trains run like clocks!

  • Dorfan Trains - O scale - Here is an old manufacturer of toy trains. Most people have never even heard of them

  • Carlisle and Finch - The First US Company to Produce Electric Toy Trains. The train pictured below is a Carlisle and Finch No 4 Locomotive in incredible condition for being almost 100 years old!


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